Handler: Adriana Santos

A former Remote Aircraft Pilot who founded the Ariel Amazonian Survey Group in her native Brazil, made a career switch to the DPG after spotting Dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. A fast and nimble Agent, she stays alive long enough to increase her damage output to incapacitate her enemies. Her lower attack and accuracy makes her more suited to combat clustered enemies and larger Dinosaurs where her increase fire rate maximizes possible damage output.


Suppressor SMG: Up to 50% damage bonus when attacking unaware targets

Trekking Boots: Provides up to 50% damage bonus when below 30% Health

Arm Pad: Provides up to 50% damage bonus to companions of the Dilophosaurus, Pternodon and Stegosaurus families.

Visor: Up to 100% chance of applying bleed on any enemies hit