Trespasser is a first-person adventure-survival game set after the events of the Lost World. You play as Anne, who is the sole survivor of a plane crash that results in you being stranded on Isla Sorna. The game features linear levels but does allow a decent level of freeform exploration. Trespasser isn’t without flaws, the biggest being the physics system. At the time of release, Trespasser pushed the envelope of what was possible with real-time physics simulations, but in comparison to modern games, the physics systems ends up being more frustrating than anything. Regardless, if you’re a fan of the Jurassic universe, I consider this a must play game! The narration of Lord Richard Attenborough who plays John Hammond in the first two films, is simply astounding.

How to play Trespasser


The History of Trespasser

Today I came across an excellent documentary of Trespasser, one of my all-time favorite games set in the Jurassic universe. This video is by the YouTuber, Kim Justice, who covers classic video games. Kim covers the development of Trespasser and the issues the development team ran into while creating the game. At the time, Trespasser… Continue reading The History of Trespasser

Fan Projects of the Week #2

Welcome to this week’s edition of Fan Projects the Week! As I have said before, Trespasser holds a special spot in my heart as my favorite Jurassic Park game. Partially due to nostalgia, but also because of the captivating narration and great level of immersion despite the graphics of the time. It is for that… Continue reading Fan Projects of the Week #2