Fan Projects of the Week #2

Welcome to this week’s edition of Fan Projects the Week! As I have said before, Trespasser holds a special spot in my heart as my favorite Jurassic Park game. Partially due to nostalgia, but also because of the captivating narration and great level of immersion despite the graphics of the time. It is for that reason that my top pick of the week replicates a portion of my favorite game in the aspect of a raptor repaint.

Raptor Repaint

Ted Brothers raptor repaint takes the Blue raptor model and transforms her into the raptors from Trespasser. The process is edited in such a way to clearly give you a great idea on how he achieved the end goal, but also is fast enough to stay entertaining. The end result is great and captures that Trespasser vibe. I’d also love to see him do the other raptor tribes too!

Jurassic Jeepin’

This amazing piece of artwork is from LoopyDave over on Deviant Art. Raptors have learned to not only open doors, but also how to drive! The clever nod on the license plate to birds being the modern day relative of raptors is great too.

Cambrian Park

This fan work comes from Good Bear Comics. On the bright side, if the animals break free it’ll be much easier to escape!

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