Handler: Broodie T. Booker

From training Gators to rolling with Raptors, Brodies sharp mind led him to graduate as Valedictorian from the Mississippi School of Reptile and Amphibians Veterinarians before bringing him to the US Navy Veterinary Corps. This Palo Vet relies heavily on his Companions presence to survive and defeat Poachers and Mercenaries, as having his Companions around boost different aspects of his Kit.


Tranq Revolver: Up to 25% chance of applying Slow to enemies

Medkit: 25% Chance of healing 10.6% HP when calling a Companion

Stethoscope: Up to 50% defense bonus applied to Companions of the Baryonix, Stygymoloch and Ankylosaurus families

Amber Mosquito: Up to 25% chance of restoring AP when a Companion defeats an enemy