Handler: Mike Riley

Mike Riley is the first handler you get access to in Primal Ops.

Mike Riley is an avid conservationist who excels in one-on-one combat, allowing him to survive longer by himself while sustaining increased damage during battle. While slightly less agile than the other Handlers, Mike’s kit, containing his Control Rifle, Tactical Vest, Stabilizer and Trike Totem give him an edge when taking down Poachers and threats to those he has sworn to protect.


Control Rifle: Highly accurate and deals good damage to attackers, this Rifle also provides the ability to apply Stun to enemies as you upgrade

Tactical Vest: Increases the chance of healing 5% health when landing a successful hit on an enemy.

Stabilizer: Provides up to 25% damage resistance from enemies

Trike Totem: Applies up to 50% Defense bonus to companions of the T-Rex, Raptor and Triceratops families.