Act 1: The Beach

Welcome to the campaign assets page for Act 1 of the Site B campaign. This Act is heavily inspired by the first level of Trespasser. The maps will print on size D paper if you have somewhere you can easily print large format pages. If not,


Map 1
Map 2
Map 2 (Alternate)
Map 3
Act 1 Complete

3D Print Models

Concrete Foundation
Concrete Foundation with Rebar
Monorail Station
UniMog 1300 w/ Flat Tires
Billboard Graphic
Monorail Pillar
Monorail Pillar with Segment
Monorail Pillar with End Cap
Monorail Segment
Wooden Fence
Wooden Gate – Left
Wooden Gate – Right
Concrete Wall Segment (Short)
Concrete Wall Segment (Long)