Act 2: The Monorail

Welcome to the campaign assets page for Act 2 of the Site B campaign. The maps will print on size D paper if you have somewhere you can easily print large format pages.


Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
Map 5
Map 6
Map 7
Map 8
Map 8 (Outpost Interior)
Act 2 Combined

3D Print Models

Monorail Pillar
Monorail Pillar with Segment
Monorail Segment
Monorail Curved Segment
Outpost – Complete Thumbnail
Outpost – Roof
Outpost – Solar Panels
Outpost – Upper Level
Outpost – Upper Level Door
Outpost – Upper Level Dish
Outpost – Lower Level
Outpost – Lower Left-Side Door
Outpost – Lower Right-Side Door