JW Evolution: Claire’s Sanctuary DLC Now Available!

Claire’s Sanctuary is the latest DLC for Jurassic World Evolution and comes in right at £12.99/€14.99/$14.99 depending on your region. This new DLC also coincides with the latest free update to Jurassic World Evolution.

Claire’s Sanctuary brings two new locations for you to visit in the game, Isla Nublar North and Sanctuary. Three new dinosaurs launch with this latest DLC; Albertosaurus, Euoplocephalus, and Ouranosaurus. As far as new gameplay features go, two new additions arrive with Claire’s Sanctuary. Jurassic Tour is the first of the two major gameplay features and offers a new way to showcase your dinosaur enclosures. The Jurassic Tour functions quite similar to the current Gyrosphere system by laying out a predetermined path.

The next major gameplay feature added revolves around Paleobotany – which would have been a great opportunity to introduce Ellie Sattler to the game. With Paleobotany comes new research and the greenhouse which allows you to grow different plants for the herbivores of your park. Feeding dinos their preferred plants grants bonuses to their lifespan and prestige.

I’ll be getting the expansion shortly so come back for more details on the DLC in the coming weeks!

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