Dino-Defenders Extreme

Dino-Defenders Extreme is an animated series currently in development by Jack Ewins. Jake is one of the founders of the team behind the viral marketing websites for Masrani Global and the Dinosaur Protection Group. He also runs Terrordome 3000, a YouTube channel that the Jurassic Universe is heavily featured on.

Currently the first episode of the series is out with five more on the way. If you like this episode then Jack is running a Patreon where you can help fund the development of this animated series. Currently the Patreon has 16 patrons helping to raise $110 on a monthly basis. Dino Defenders Extreme opts for captions instead of voice overs for the characters, so the only sound you’ll hear is the soundtrack. The first episode primarily introduces us to the setting and likely the main characters for the series. You can episode one below!

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