First Story Details on Battle of Big Rock Emerge!

Collider managed to snag an exclusive interview with Colin Trevorrow recently. This interview is really our first insight into the story of Battle at Big Rock including the timeframe of this new story. Before we dig into the new details, we now know that the short film is actually very short coming in at eight minutes. I was hoping for more, but I’ll take what I can get! I also have good news for those without Cable/FX, as the short film we be available online immediately after it airs on FX.

The Setting

Big Rock will take place about 20 miles from the Lockwood Estate in the fictional Big Rock National Park. Colin states that there have been a few sightings but this is the first major confrontation between dinosaurs and humans. The short is set one year after the events of Fallen Kingdom.


What Do These First Details Reveal

First off, it sounds crazy that this is the first major meeting of dinosaurs and humans in the wilderness of California. One year is not a short time for dinosaurs to be roaming the wilderness of California. I could see the smaller dinosaurs such as compies and even Blue evading the public eye, so hopefully the short will cover how the larger creatures have remained mostly isolated. In fact at the end of Fallen Kingdom we see the T-Rex at the Zoo, the Mosasaur eyeing some tasty surfer snacks and Blue overlooking the suburbs.

It’s possible that Big Rock National Park has been setup as a preserve of sorts. The poster for the short does show a sign stating ” Do Not Feed Wildlife” with an emblem of the T-Rex made the Jurassic Park and World logo. If that’s an in-universe image, then that could have very interesting implications for the storyline. On the bright side, we less than a week before our questions will be answered!

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