Jurassic World Dominion – First Trailer Breakdown

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the trailer, if not I’ll link it below. Be warned, spoilers and speculation are below!

First off – there is a ton to cover in this trailer, so we’ll start with some initial impressions but may dive deeper into additional posts in the future.

Parasaurolophus in the Wild

We see the Parasaurolophus a couple times in the trailer. The first is in a snowy scene where we see that Own and his companions capture at least one of the dinosaurs. We do see some interesting colors, with some of the Parasaurs having a zebra-like appearance and others reminding me more of the Lost World coloration. Could this be a male/female separation or are we looking at two different sub-species?

Apatosaur Roams into a Lumber Yard

Baby Blue!

We see Blue and her baby in the trailer several times and in different environments. We clearly see Blue and her baby in different environments. In the snowy environment we see what appears to be a dead fox used as bait to capture Blue’s baby. In the forest with the ferns it appears to be a reunion between the two, so it’s safe to assume that at some point in the movie; Blue’s baby is captured, and they have to rescue it!

Ellie and Grant Reunite

Dr. Wu is Alive (and working on Another Project)

Therizinosaur Joins the Franchise

It looks awesome, looking forward to seeing more of the design. It is believed that the Therizinosaur are herbivores so the sequence in the trailer is a little bizarre, but it quite possibly is just trying to defend its young or territory from an assumed threat.

High-Tech Base

This place looks awesome! It has a large river leading into or out of one side of the base, hinting at this facility having something to do with aquatic prehistoric animals.

The Swarm

This is very interesting and it instantly makes me think of Prey by Michael Crichton not something Jurassic, it will be interesting to dive deeper into what this swarm means. In this scene we only see Ellie from our known main characters so this could take place before Ellie and Grant have their reunion.

Owen & Claire in ???

I’m not sure where they are in this sequence of the trailer, there is a flag in the background of one shot, but it doesn’t match a country flag that I could find. I love the variation in locations we’re getting in this movie. Being on the same island worked with the previous movies but it will be refreshing to have dinosaurs in a wider variety of locals.

Pyroraptor Joins the Franchise Too!

Another feathered dinosaur joins the Jurassic franchise=. The feathers and coloration look awesome and anyone who has said feathered dinosaurs wouldn’t be scary in the past are simply wrong!

That’s Another Plane Right???

Claire Gets Up Close & Personal with the Dilophosaur!

Why Do They Always Have to go Bigger?

We see the return of the Giganotosaurus from the prologue, facing off against the whole group of our main characters. We also see the forest on fire in the background.

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