The First Batch for the JW Miniature Game Has Shipped!

The journey has been long and filled with many delays, but we will soon get out hands on the first batch of the JW tabletop game! The shipping containers with wave 1 deliveries have left China and are on the way to backers. Ports across the world are experiencing delays that will slow down these deliveries, but at least the game is on the way! Exod’s arrival estimates for the shipping containers are listed below.

  • Europe: Early April
  • America: March 28th
  • Australia: Containers have not left yet, should leave this week.

After the containers arrive at the ports they will still need to be unloaded and shipped to individual backers so I would expect at least another month after arrival before the games reach backers. Retail stores should have the game on store shelves one week after the release of Dominion! The wave 1 deliveries include the following backer rewards:

  • The Core Box
  • Water/Lava and Tree/Bushes tokens
  • Jurassic Bank Note (Social Stretch Goal).

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