Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Teaser Breakdown

Before we begin, if you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet – check it out below!

First off – let me begin by stating that I love what we see so far! If the entire show follows the visual quality of the teaser, then I believe we’ll be in for quite a visual treat. As far as the story goes we don’t know much beyond the title card and one sentenace description on Netlix.

Six teens attending an adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar must band together to survive when dinosaurs wreak havoc on the island.


As the series desription indicates, it appears the series will take place at the same time during the same time as Jurassic World. This means we’ll very likely get to see a working park once again, which is definetly welcome. Hopefully we get a couple episodes that are pre-Indominus breakout to see the working park in all of it’s wonder.

In the trailer we see only a lone dinosaur – a velociraptor. The art style makes the raptor look quite similar to Charlie. The scene in the teaser is clearly not the raptor paddock, and we know that Charlie was killed shortly after gaining freedom in Jurassic World. It’s quite possible that the scene in the teaser won’t be featured in the series and is simply produced so show off the animation style and to spin up interest. That’s quite plausible as the show won’t be released until next year.

However, if the teaser does depict a scene from the show that does incite questions. Does the teaser hint at Charlie breaking loose during the events of the TV show? We do have the joke from Owen to the new hire about how his job positioned opened up. It’s also possible that this is a wild raptor which opens up even more questions!

Regardless I’m certainly looking forward to this series launching in 2020. As the first TV series in the Jurassic Park universe, this series could open new doors for the franchise as a whole if it performs well.

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