Words of Caution/Wisdom – Jurassic World Miniature Game

The Jurassic World tabletop game comes from the effort of Cimmeria Projects and Exod Games. As far as I can tell, this is the first project Cimmeria Projects have even been involved with and Exod Games is a new and mostly unknown game publisher. Prior to the Jurassic World game, Exod Games had two titles attributed to them. The first of which was After the End, which as far as I can tell never made it to a public release. The second game attributed to Exod is Goblout, which is even more of a ghost.

Exod failing to meet success in the past doesn’t mean the Jurassic World Minature Game is doomed. In fact the Kickstarter has been quite successful raising nearly $300k at the time of writing this article. Cimmeria has also shown a portion of their contract in one of their early updates as proof that they have a valid license from Universal.

Despite this proof, people are still skeptical of the official status of this project. In an update on June 27th, Cimmeria Projects promised an official statement from Universal. This statement has yet to be released.

 Moreover, Universal decided to make an official statement, which will comfort people that we own the license and that Universal support us. 

With this knowledge at hand, I do see reason to be concerned. At the same time, the project has reached enough success that it should have reach Universal if this project was falsely using the Jurassic World license.

How to Limit Your Risk

If you’re still concerned about this campaign, you can minimize your risk by delaying your investment. Cimmeria has made a statement that they’ll be using Game on Tabletop for their post Kickstarter pledge manager. You can pledge a smaller amount during the Kickstarter campaign and then adjust your pledge later using the pledge manager.

Pledge Manager is hosted by Game On Tabletop and will be open at the time of Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis on the 1st week of August. 

It allows you to manage your pledge of Jurassic World the Miniature Game, adjust your pledge by taking extra expansion or add-ons as you wish. You may maintain your pledge as it is, we are already glad you are here.

In addition, they also plan to launch another crowd funding campaign through Game on Tabletop later this year. This additional time should allow time for an official statement from Universal. I addition, it also allows time for the campaign to make progress and give Exod the chance to show off more gameplay. That will allow you to make a better decision whether you’ll like this style of tabletop game.

2 thoughts on “Words of Caution/Wisdom – Jurassic World Miniature Game

  1. Hey, with the Pledge Manger opening for the game today, I was wondering if your opinion had changed any, or if any new information had come out regarding their relationship with Universal.


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