Fan Projects of the Week #1

Welcome to the first installment of my fan projects series here on Jurassic Report! The week we have a repaint of the Mattel T-Rex as the Buck from The Lost World, Spinosaurs artwork and a raptor game being developed with an Alien Isolation vibe!

T-Rex Repaint

First up is an well done repaint of the Mattel T-Rex as the Buck from the Lost World. The details and coloring of the head are very weel done.

Credit goes to bahiamoyi

Spinosaurs Art

This next piece showcases take takes the movie color scheme and turns it up to create a vibrant and eye-poping design.

Credit goes to vinniebones047

Raptor Isolation

Our last by certainly not least fan project to highlight this week is Raptor Isolation. This is a playable game that’s still early in development being designed using Unity 3D. LBartwork shared his current process on Reddit. So far this project looks awesome, and I’ve very excited to see additional progress on this project.

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