Jurassic World the Ride Open in Universal Studios Hollywood!

Multiple people have started uploading point of view videos of the mewly revamped Jurassic World the Ride. This is being descibed as a soft opening for the ride, so it’s possible that so minor details may change in the future. As a child I always wanted to ride the original ride but never got the chance, so I can’t directly compare this ride to the original. Despite this I do have some thoughts on the ride in general.

Mosasaur Opening

When the gates open to reveal an “underwater” viewing chamber for the Mosasaur enclosure I had the feeling that I was in Jurassic World. Despite just being a screen effect I think this was well done. That may be an effect that comes over better on the camera compared to in person though. The Mosasaur attacks a great white shark, causing a splash of water over those in the ride. The result is a very convincing effect.

After finishing off the shark, the Mosasaur notices the riders and goes to attack the tube they’re traveling in. This “cracks” the glass and water sprays over the riders. Once again, at least from our point of view, this seems to be a convincing effect.

Herbivore Valley

Everything I’ve read has indicated that this area has remained largely unchanged. Really the only complaint I have here is that I don’t get the Jurassic World feel from this portion of the ride. Possibly even just adding some Gyrospheres traveling in the background could have added that more modern theme park atmosphere that we experienced in Jurassic World. The animatronics themselves seemed fine, but some people have complained that they’re showing their age. This could be something that’s more apparent in person though.

Predator Cove

The first thing we see here is the JP1 raptor enclosure, while awesome to see, it too feels out of place. The rest of Predator Cove matches the design style we see throughout Jurassic World. I really like the area in general though. The brutal scratch marks on the walls and the gate to the Indominus Rex enclosure being pushed open gived that Jurassic World vibe. With all the said, I think the area looks great, with one exception…

Which is the whole Pteranodon scene. It just looks poorly put together, almost as if someone accidently broke the models and decided to use them anyways.

The next portion of the ride is awesome in my opinion! Here we see multiple Dilophosaurus, Raptors, and of course the Indominus Rex and T-Rex! The Indominus reveal is awesome! The detail and the movement in this first animatronic is top notch. There is also a cool scene where a raptor drops from the ceiling attacking an electrical wire.

The last scene has the second Indominus animatronic, Blue and the T-Rex. To begin we have the I-Rex and Blue communicating, in a similar fashion to when the I-Rex turned the raptor pack against the humans in their field test. Next up we have the T-Rex appear and face off against the I-Rex. In then disappears and the I-Rex and Blue continue to communicate. Right at the end the T-Rex returns to attack the riders before the big fall into the water pool below.

The only thing I think is off from this final scene is the timing. This IS just a soft launch though, so the animatronics could still be a work in progress and continuing to evolve. Overall I think it looks great, with either the Mosasaur or the first Indominus Rex scene being my favorite.

Source Videos

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