Jurassic Park 1993 DLC Coming to Jurassic World Evolution?

A Reddit user that goes by the handle theyarelegitlit recently discovered reference to 93DLC in the game files for Jurassic World Evolution. This does back up a leak that was posted to 4chan earlier this year that talked about Frontier’s extended roadmap.

It has correctly outlined the Carnivore Pack and Claire’s Sanctuary DLC, including the fact that we would get the safari ride and paleo botany. According to the leak we should get the 1993 DLC in December. There aren’t many details but the 4chan leak does state that we’ll get the classic jeep track to ride around. The storyline will focus on getting JP back online, presumably after Nedry causes havoc around the park.

If this rumor does come true then that gives even more credibility to the leak, which looking down in the new projects section gives us reason for more excitement. Plant Zoo has already been announced and it looks like we could potentially get Jurassic World Evolution 2 and Jurassic World Survival.

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