Jurassic World Tabletop to be Shown at Gen Con 2019!

Exod Games will be showing off the core box for the Jurassic World Tabletop game at the Game on Tabletop booth. Exod Games is using Game on Tabletop as their campaign manager for the Kickstart campaign and also as a late pledge campaign. Gen Con takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 1st to the 4th.

They have stated that only content from the core box will be shown at the show due to limited space, but both cards and miniatures will be on display. Tickets to Gen Con cost $60 on Thursday and Friday, raising to $75 on Saturday. Sunday tickets are comparatively a bargain at $15, so if you’re primarily interested in the Jurassic World game, then that seems like the best day to go! You’ll be able to find Exod at booth 2344.

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