JW Tabletop – New Details Emerge!

In a recent live stream Exod Games dropped some tidbits of information about the Jurassic World tabletop game. Here’s the main points from the stream:

General News

  • Exod Games will be at GenCon next week!
  • They have permission to use Ford Trademark for the Explorer.
    • Waiting to hear back from Jeep. They will release a painting guide based upon colors from Universal that will have cross over for popular paint brands.
  • Exod Games and Cimmeria merging – will be called Exod Studio
    • They are planning additional Jurassic World/Jurassic Park games.

Late Backer Campaign

  • Late pledge will launch August 1st on Game on Tabletop.
    • Will last until mid-September.
  • Late backers WILL get Kickstarter Exclusive Mosasaur!
    • I also believe the Brachiosaur, but I’m not 100% clear on that. She mentions the Stegosaur but I think that was simply a slip due to just prior to that talking about the Universal approval of this model as it’s not labeled as a Kickstarter Exclusive. These will NOT be available on retail – very expensive to make.
  • Stretch Goals:
    • The Fallen Kingdom submarine may show up as a stretch goal in the late campaign.
    • Spinosaurus will be a stretch goal for the late backer campaign.

Delivery News

  • Core Box and Expansions: June 2020
  • Stretch Goals: September 2020
  • Will have the choice of Wave 1 or Wave 2.
    • Wave 1 will receive two packages, one in June for the Core Box and Expansions and one in September for the stretch goals.
    • Wave 2 will save on shipping and will delievery everything in September.

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