Stern Pinball Announces Jurassic Park Pinball!

Stern Pinball is as far as I know, the biggest player in the modern pinball era and now they have Jurassic Park in their sights! There are three different tiers of the JP pinball game with the pro option being the cheapest at $5,999. The Premium Edition adds new features bring the cost to $7,599 and the limited edition will cost $8,999!

The quote below capture the difference between the three different tiers with the limited edition also having a unique paint job for the frame of the machine. The limited edition will only have 500 copies available for purchase.

The Premium and Limited Edition models feature an amazing animatronic ball-eating, ball-throwing T. Rex that interacts with the ball and the player.  These models also include an interactive Raptor and Raptor Pen featuring a ball-lock mechanism guarded by a motorized gate.  The action does not let up with unique mosquito-in-amber pop bumpers and a custom metal horizontal helicopter spinner.

Gameplay Video

The Playing Field Details

Pro Model

Limited Edition Model

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