Late Pledge for Jurassic World Miniature Game is Open!

Exod Games have opened their late pledge for the Jurassic World Miniature Game. The late pledge is hosted on Game on Tabletop which is essentially a Kickstarter for tabletop games. Exod Games is also using this as their pledge manager for Kickstarter.

I tested the pledge process while writing this article and the entire process went great. For example, there is a page for add-ons where you can specify the add-ons you want including getting multiple copies of the base reward! I can see why Exod chose to use Game on Tabletop as the late pledge combined with the pledge manager for Kickstarter.

The base reward is €55 which is about $60 for those of us in the U.S. Looking at the contents this base package is a great value. Considering that the base pledge gets all stretch goals, you can end up with quite a bit of content and miniatures. In fact, the new late pledge has already unlocked new stretch goals such as the Spinosaur and Parasaurolophus.

You can also purchase the expansions through this pledge manager, which will add between €35 to €40 to your pledge depending on if you want to add just one expansion or add both to your pledge. Since I’m still unsure of the gameplay mechanics I’m leaning to the Core pledge due to the fact that it comes with over 45 miniatures!

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