Grab Jurassic World Evolution for Free with Xbox Live!

In one of the best deals I’ve personally ever seen in the monthly Games with Gold deals, Microsoft is giving away Jurassic World Evolution in December! As long as you have an Xbox One and Xbox Live you can claim this game for free starting December 16th. Currently Jurassic World Evolution costs $49.99 for the digital edition but can be found cheaper for the disc based version. Regardless this is a great deal if you haven’t purchased Evolution for the Xbox One yet.

You’ll still have to purchase the DLC as that isn’t included in the deal, but that isn’t required to play the game by any means! That brings us to the final point, which is the timing of this deal, which is almost perfect. The Return to Jurassic Park DLC is launching on December 10th and is sure to drive interest in Jurassic World Evolution once again!

Make sure to check your Xbox dashboard between December 16th and January 15th to redeem this deal.

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