Deathground Gets Picked Up By Publisher

Jaw Drop Games (JDG) recently announced that after the successful Kickstarter campaign for Deathground, they were approached with deals from publishers. They have taken on of those deals although we are currently lacking specifics on the deal. What we do know is that this deal does give Jaw Drop Games additional funding and industry expertise.

Deathground raised about $163k in their Kickstarter campaign, but with a team of 30 people now working on a game, this additional funding will be vital for JDG to complete their vision with Deathground. Originally slated for a late 2021 release, they also announced that the game is being pushed back until 2022.

Expanded Vision

As part of the new publishing deal, JDG is expanding the creative vision for Deathground. One major pillar of this new vision is redesigned dinosaurs to give them a more unique appearance. They also want to improve upon the story experience and bringing in more narrative into the gameplay. Stay tuned for more information in the near future!

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