Deathground – August 2021 AMA Recap

Deathground released a AMA video yesterday that covers quite a few questions. I’ve embedded the full video below but if you don’t have 48 minutes, here’s a quick recap of the best answers! First lets start with a recap of all the game developers answering questions.

After the Kickstarter, did the final vision of the game change or have you kept pretty much on track with the original idea of how the game would be when finished?

Adam responded that the original vision is very much intact but the vision has been expanded largely in part to signing with a publisher that has allowed the development team to expand. Martin essentially echoed Adam saying that the vision is on track but they’ve added a lot more meat to the bones.

What’s the overall goal of playing the game? Is there going to be an objective to meet to “Win”?

Francisc stepped up to the plate first and spoke on the fact that there will be both a story mode and multiplayer mode, with each are unique. In the story mode, things will be more of a linear experience where you may have objectives that come one after another. In comparison, in the multiplayer mode, in a session you may have objectives that change over time or based upon the map or mode, for example going to an extraction point.

Can you discuss the classes and tell us a bit about them? Are skill trees being considered for the game?

Francisc provided the info here again, stating that at least for launch there will be the three classes discussed in the Kickstarter; The Engineer, Scout and Survivalist. Each one will have a base and certain items that they all can use, but each will have their own unique abilities or items. The scout for instance has a rifle, but ammo is extremely scarce. The scout also has the motion tracker that is inspired by the Alien series. In terms of skill trees, the short answer is yes. The exact function of this feature doesn’t sound like it has been ironed out yet, but it does sound like the team is currently leaning towards these abilities unlocking new tiers that allow the abilities to advance.

What gameplay formats are going to be available? Will Deathground have local co-op?

Francisc took the lead here again stating that they were looking into local co-op for the story mode. It is unlikely that there will be local support for the multiplayer mode though due to there being progression or experience elements.

Will we be able to play in the 1st and 3rd person?

Dan stepped in here, stating that the game would definitely be played in 1st person mode. They want the game to be up close and personal and a 3rd person mode would allow you to peak around a corner for instance, without exposing your character.

How many maps will be in this game?

Momo fielded this question stating that there will be one large map full of places to visit. They discussed whether to make it a true open world, but ended up with a nice middle ground where they can really tailor make every aspect of the world. This also leaves the ability to expand the world post launch.

Are there going to be different times of day? Will weather play a factor in any of the game? Fog, Rain, Wind, Storms?

Francisc covered the first part of the question stating that there will not be a real-time day/night cycle. This is due for multiple reasons both technical and from a gameplay aspect. Tristan then elaborated on weather stating that the weather will definitely play a role in the game and building the atmosphere of the world.

Will there be breeds of dinos that are like the Indo raptor or Indominus Rex from Jurassic World? or is it just raptors and T-Rexs?

Are there scary herbivores?

Will there be a Carnotaurus in the game?

I combined all three of these questions into one as Martin covered them all and they tie closely together. Before we cover his answers, let’s revisit what we know from the Kickstarter campaign. In the base game and through stretch goals we do know that there will be at least four dinosaurs: Compies, Allosaurus, raptors and T-Rex. In response to question about dinosaurs similar to the Indominus, Martin stated that there won’t be any genetically modified chimera dinosaurs in the base but there is always the possibility in the future. In response to the game having herbivores, the focus is solely on the carnivores right now, but Martin does agree think that herbivores could work. Finally, the Carnotaurus is not a focus right now.

Why do the dinos not have feathers? What are the colours and overall look based on?

Tristan covered this by first stating that most of what people have seen is placeholders or really early works, but they definitely will be feathering the dinosaurs. They want to make them as realistic as they can, at least based upon our current understanding goes. Colors have been decided yet, but the system they use will be adaptable to allow a lot of flexibility for the colors of the feathers.

Will there be other enemies we will have to worry about other than dinosaurs?

Not at this time, the dinosaurs are the focus.

Finally the AMA wrapped up with some comments on when the game will release and what platforms. Right now they have nothing to announce really for both of those questions. They were originally planning an early access release, but with the backing of the publisher they will go straight to a 1.0 release. There will be a beta for backers at some point.

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