The Jurassic House

Lyle Coram converted his entire house into a dinosaur showcase for his daughter. Using a projector, screen and a video loop, he was able to turn send his house back in time millions of years! The video loops were purchased from Atmos FX, with videos designed for being played on a TV or projected onto a wall.

Lyle took the concept to the next level by utilizing multiple projectors and screen to literally blanket his house in special effects. He first showed his idea in his Jurassic Living Room video using just a single projector and screen.

Depending on how large of an image you’re trying to make, you could recreate this project for less than $150 including the cost of the complete video pack. Amazon sells a decent portable projector that’ll get the job done for $90, the Vankyo Leisure 3. If you want to have a bigger image or simply output higher quality you can get good 1080P projects for around $500 such as ViewSonic PX700HD.

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